Daily Archive: 2013.01.14

A request for those based in the Netherlands.


I know a few of the folks who read this are based in the Netherlands. I’m hoping to get some input from one (or more!) of you on something.

I’m looking to acquire a board game. To the best of my knowledge, the name of the game is Mens erger je niet, which translates to “Do not get angry,” or some such. It’s an important part of G’s family history, and we’d like to get a copy. Now, I don’t know if this game is available in the Dutch equivalent of Toys-R-Us, or if it’s more esoteric.

The acquisition process logic goes something like this:

  • Is the game readily available? 
  • If so, for how much?
  • If $AFFORDABLE, would you be willing to pick up a copy and ship it to the US?
  • As a special added bonus, would you be willing to translate the instructions into English?

For this, you will, of course, be reimbursed. And, if there’s anything from the US that you’re craving, I can probably help out on that front. Or I can knit you something. Or design you a business card. Or use some other meager skill of mine to provide you with something you might want.


Monday, again.

This weekend has felt as thought it’s been full of Mondays. Thus, it seems incredibly unfair to have two days of Mondays followed up by an actual, everybody agrees it’s Monday Monday.

Stupid Mondays.