I knit. A lot. It is not entirely inaccurate to say that knitting is one of my default states. I get grumpy if too much time passes since the last time I had a chance to knit. I am a process knitter, which means that I really don’t care what I’m knitting, so long as I’m knitting. I am the person you see knitting in the park, at the bus stop, in any sort of waiting room, while standing in any sort of line, at the movies / concert / theater. I have, however, generally abstained from knitting at funerals. I do have some self-control.

Calling all knitters: Help me figure out where I went wrong.

20141201-hitofudeSo, as you may remember, I’ve been working on the Hitofude cardigan. Things were tooling along, and, on Sunday, I got to the second and third tricky bits: Undoing the provisional cast-ons (2), and performing three-needle bind-offs for the sleeves. (The first tricky bit was the provisional cast-ons themselves.)

So, yeah. Finished the sleeves, and read the part of the pattern where it says how many stitches I should have: 290.  (more…)

How long is a scarf?

I’ve been working on the Lapidarius scarf for Jenn for about three weeks now.  (more…)

Calling all knitters! Lace-weight pattern?

I’m on something of a self-imposed time-crunch here (I’m going to be leaving in a couple of hours to be from my house for a couple of days, and want to get whatever comes of this printed before I leave), and I have a query for you.  (more…)

Love the one you’re with.

See, I’ve signed up for the Game of Thrones-inspired Stormborn Shawl mystery knit along [1]. And I’m loving the pattern. It’s clever and geometric and just makes sense. It has unusual shapes in it, and I can understand why they’re there. It’s challenging enough to keep me interested, but not so challenging that I’m spending more time tinking than knitting. I should be having an absolute blast with this.

But I’m not.

All because I’m pretty unhappy with the yarn I’m using.


Ask LazyWeb: Calling all astronomy geeks.

TL;DR: Where can I find the colors of all the stars in various constellations?  (more…)