While I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Drupal, I personally don’t find it to be the worst of the wiki / content-management platforms out there. I also know a number of people who are responsible for Drupal installations. Which is why I had to wince (instead of break out laughing) when I saw this today:


(Originally found on, and linking to this Drupal PSA.)

PSA: Beware Audible mobile app version 2.2 on iOS!

20140918-audibleIf you use an iPhone, you probably found that you had an unusually large number of app updates available to you yesterday. This is because a new version of Apple’s iOS was released, and developers released new iOS 8-compatible versions of their apps.


PSA: Don’t update to iCloud Drive just yet.

For those of you who sync your iOS devices, this article has a warning:

If you’re upgrading to iOS 8 on Wednesday, you must resist the urge to upgrade to iCloud Drive if you want to continue to sync your phone to your Mac. Why? Well, iCloud Drive only works with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. And you all know which OS we’re still waiting on.

Until Yosemite drops, upgrading to iCloud Drive will keep you from syncing devices running iOS 8 and devices running OS X Mavericks. Good news: After you install iOS 8, Apple will ask you if you want to upgrade to iCloud Drive. Tap the button that says “Not Now.” Easy enough, right?

It goes on to use the phrase “file syncing nightmare.” Because that’s what we all need, right?

Has anyone tried Google Keep?

20140912-google_keepThe subject really says it all. Google, with it’s ever-expanding list of services, launched Google Keep in March of 2013. As often happens, they rolled it out the door with little (if any) fanfare, and I’d never heard of it until today. I’m wondering if any of you have tried it, and what you think of it.

PSA: Your own personal Apple support profile.

Apple_logo_largeIn case you weren’t aware of it, Apple maintains a dashboard for you, tracking all of the devices you have associated with your Apple ID, and providing you with information about them.

For instance, for ともだち (tomodachi), my trusty 13″ MacBook Pro, I can see my model number (13-inch Late 2011) and serial number right from the front page. By clicking through, I can also my built-in warranty and Apple Care coverage details, with links to contact Apple support. This is also true of repair coverage, and the ability to set up a repair online. There are even tabs to show me any service or repair cases the product has had. And finally, there’s a tab with a list of FAQs that pertain to the machine in question.

I was kind of surprised to find my very first (5G!) iPod on there. Since I no longer have this device, I took the opportunity to disassociate it from my account. (Oh yeah, the site lets you associate and disassociate items from your Apple ID.)

It’s not a ground-breaking site, but I know a bunch of you have Apple devices (ranging from those of you with an iPhone, to those have consumed the entire flavor spectrum of Cupertino Kool-Aid), so I thought you might find it useful. beta coins available.

If anyone is interested in trying out the OS X version of, I have three beta coins available. I will need your email address to share it with you.

I’ve tried using this software for all of about 90 seconds, so I am in no way endorsing it, and will not be held responsible if it eats your mailbox, corrupts your cat, or raids your fridge. You have been warned.

Ask LazyWeb: Modern-day IRC replacement?

So, there was a time, where if I wanted several someones to get together to chat, I’d find an IRC
server and start a channel, and that would be that. Of course, at that time, pretty much everyone I knew was a reasonably hard-core geek (or was friends with one), and had a shell account.  (more…)

You’ve got mail!

Today, I set up for the first time in, well, forever. (I’ve been living the webmail life for quite a while. But circumstances, blah blah blah.)


You've Got Mail

2.4 MILLION messages?

I think something has gone horribly awry.

Ask LazyWeb: Pay-Per-Click Firms?

I have a project to find a pay-per-click firm for a company to partner with. They have some criteria:

  • Large enough to handle multiple large-scale projects simultaneously
  • Small enough that they don’t think that anything short of landing McDonalds or Coke as a client isn’t worth their time
  • Based in North America
  • Can actually lay out their approach to PPC to you, instead of saying something along the lines of, “Well, PPC is more of an art than a science…”

And that’s about it.

I’m about to dive into our friend Google and do some searching, but if any of you have any recommendations (or anti-recommendations) (that aren’t just, “Ew. PPC evil.”), I’d love to hear them.


Ask LazyWeb: Hosted ticketing systems?

Before you tell me to install RT, let me stop you: I don’t have a host to run this ticketing system on. That’s why I’m looking for a hosted system. Do any of you have any recommendations (or anti-recommendations) for such a thing?

My wish list is pretty minimal:

  • Queues
  • Email integration
  • Multiple users
  • Reasonable UI
  • Cheap (Free is even better)

I get the feeling this is going to be one of those, “pick three” sort of things, but I figured it can’t hurt to ask.