LazyWeb: Group calendaring / project management & collaboration solutions.

I’m looking for a solution (or set of solutions) for a small business. I need things in two realms: group project management (notes, files, timelines, tasks), group calendaring.  (more…)

Has anyone tried Google Keep?

20140912-google_keepThe subject really says it all. Google, with it’s ever-expanding list of services, launched Google Keep in March of 2013. As often happens, they rolled it out the door with little (if any) fanfare, and I’d never heard of it until today. I’m wondering if any of you have tried it, and what you think of it.

Calling all knitters! Lace-weight pattern?

I’m on something of a self-imposed time-crunch here (I’m going to be leaving in a couple of hours to be from my house for a couple of days, and want to get whatever comes of this printed before I leave), and I have a query for you.  (more…)

Ask LazyWeb (Seattle Edition): Hair salon that does strange requests?

TL; DR: I’m looking for a hair salon in the Seattle area that will let me bring in my own hair dye.


Ask LazyWeb: Pay-Per-Click Firms?

I have a project to find a pay-per-click firm for a company to partner with. They have some criteria:

  • Large enough to handle multiple large-scale projects simultaneously
  • Small enough that they don’t think that anything short of landing McDonalds or Coke as a client isn’t worth their time
  • Based in North America
  • Can actually lay out their approach to PPC to you, instead of saying something along the lines of, “Well, PPC is more of an art than a science…”

And that’s about it.

I’m about to dive into our friend Google and do some searching, but if any of you have any recommendations (or anti-recommendations) (that aren’t just, “Ew. PPC evil.”), I’d love to hear them.


Ask LazyWeb: Hosted ticketing systems?

Before you tell me to install RT, let me stop you: I don’t have a host to run this ticketing system on. That’s why I’m looking for a hosted system. Do any of you have any recommendations (or anti-recommendations) for such a thing?

My wish list is pretty minimal:

  • Queues
  • Email integration
  • Multiple users
  • Reasonable UI
  • Cheap (Free is even better)

I get the feeling this is going to be one of those, “pick three” sort of things, but I figured it can’t hurt to ask.

Ask D&D Geeks: Pronunciation

No, really, very geeky.

The word ‘drow’ (as in the dark elves (hey, I said this was geeky)): how do you pronounce it? Rhymes with ‘now’ or rhymes with ‘know’?

(I’m listening to the ‘Homeland’ audiobook, and I’m discovering that the way I’ve pronounced many words in my head over the years does not match the apparent official line.)

Ask LazyWeb: An Emily Post question with regard to Christmas cards.

Does one send thank you cards for Christmas cards? Part of my brain says, “No. Just add the sender to your Christmas card list for next year.” Another part of my brain (I suspect the Japanese ‘we can give this plate back and forth to each other until the end of time’ part) is horrified at the idea of receiving something and not sending something in return.

What sayeth the hive mind?

Asking all knitters: Favorite cowl for men?

(Actually, even if you’re not a knitter, but you’re a dude (or someone who prefers unisex / masculine to the feminine) who would like a cowl, your input is appreciated as well.)

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I’ve been on something of a rampage when it comes to knitting cowls for folks. I think I’ve made 5 or 6 to date, and I’m having a ton of fun. However, the pattern that I’ve been using (Robin Ulrich’s Greyhaven Cowl) is decidedly feminine. I would love to have a go-to pattern for cowls for the men in my life. I would prefer that it be worsted weight, and use less than 200 yards of yarn. (Not because I’m a cheapskate, but because I’ve found that it’s the right balance of interest / yarn investment / time for a project that I’m going to repeat multiple times.)

I’m thinking that Melissa Beach’s Tom’s Crossed Cowl might be a good choice, particularly when loosened up a repeat or two, but I’m definitely open to suggestions.


Dear LazyWeb: Why does my (i)phone hate me?

It’s true. My phone has definitely developed an attitude since installing iOS 7. However, the greatest trouble I’m having of late is that I am unable to install anything from the App Store. Since this is, you know, the easiest way to get new things onto my phone, I’m kind of displeased.

I go to the App Store, and find something I want to buy. I press the little icon with the price, which then converts to “Buy.” I then press the “Buy” button. In the past, this has usually changed the little button into a swirling circle thing, then after a few seconds, I’ll get a password prompt. Once I enter my password correctly, the swirling circle thing starts to fill in, showing installation progress. At least, that’s how it *used* to work.

Now, I press the “Buy” button, and get the swirling circle thing and… that’s it. No password prompt, no filling circle, nothing. It just sits there, forever. (Or until the screen locks, but it’s in the same state once I unlock the screen.) (Or until I press the home button.)

I’ve done a couple of quick searches, and they mostly lead me to people who can’t type their password. I never even get that far.

This is on an iPhone 4S. Yes, I’ve rebooted the phone. No, I haven’t tried completely wiping it. I was hoping to avoid that.

Any thoughts?