Daily Archive: 2013.07.16

Ask Lazyweb: Laser Printer Manila Folders

At one point, long long ago, I had these awesome file folders. They came in two parts, with an adhesive strip. They were 11 pt cardstock (standard manila folders). The gimmick was that you could feed one half through your laser printer, coming up with custom folders (I used them to create a form on the inside of the folders), and then adhere this newly-created sheet to the back half of the folder, and you’d have a nifty unique manila folder.

I cannot for the life of me remember who made them, nor has my Google/Amazon-fu turned up anything useful.

Does anyone remember these? Did I hallucinate the whole thing? Anyone with better Google-fu want to give it a shot?

(Still not king.)

Cease! Desist!

Ok, ok. I know I sometimes complain about being bored. This is not even close to one of those times.

I’m asking the Universe: Please, nothing else that needs to take up my time before, say, August 6th. And even then, you only get a week, because after that, I’m on vacation for a week. Ok? Ok.