Daily Archive: 2013.07.29

LazyWeb: Give me a new show.

Dear LazyWeb,

I keep the television on as background fodder while I’m … well, pretty much while I’m doing anything. I don’t tend to use music while working, because that makes it too obvious when 4 minutes have passed. Using TV shows works out well, because it gives me built-in “time to take a break” notifications, which I find handy. (Not that I always heed them, but it’s a good thought.)

Between Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, I have a goodly number of (free / already paid for) sources available to me. I like SF/F (I just caught up with Falling Skies, have gone through Warehouse 13, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Charmed), crime shows (Crossing Jordan, The Glades, Law & Order, Sherlock), medical shows / soaps (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice). Unfortunately, they need to be shows that I can primarily listen to to know what’s going on (as opposed to Alias, where it’s common for several minutes of action to pass in relative silence). Also, (and my

Thoughts? I’m in need of a new show.

Love, meri