Daily Archive: 2012.10.08

Rebellious teenaged domain names.

As many of you know, my primary domain name is covert-ops.org. I’ve been using it for about 16 years. In fact, that would be exactly 16 years, yesterday.

It seems that yesterday was also the day that covert-ops.org expired. I swear I remember getting email notifications of such things in the past.

If you tried to send me email at covert-ops.org at any time after midnight, chances are good that the message bounced. If that is the case, I’m terribly sorry. Things should be working now, and please resend the message.

Cranky teenagers. Hrmph.

Attention fiber (of the stringy variety) friends.

My ball winder and I are having something of a hate / hate relationship these days. I suspect that it’s actually the fault of my rather rickety, cheap, and old swift, but I can’t be sure. I’m pondering the necessity of replacing one or both items, and would like some input from the fiberati as to what their favorites are. So, speak up. Favorite yarn swift? Favorite ball winder? Other necessary accessories of the sort?

Well, that’s one bit of masochism that’s finally over.

I just finished watching the last episode of the fourth season of Heroes. Like many things before it, there should have been only one.

A run of good days.

Let’s see. On the ‘good day’ front, I last updated on Thursday. I have had an unbroken streak of good days since then.