Daily Archive: 2012.10.12

A question for my knitting friends.

Not that I’m looking to start a new project at the moment, because I’m hip deep in projects, but I have a question for my fellow knitting freaks.

If I wanted to get a start on color work, what would be a good beginner-level project? I don’t think that I’m quite up for Fair Isle ( 🙂 ), and would like to get an idea of a good project that gets me started down the path of using color for more than stripes.

I look forward to all the great ideas!

Sometimes, I adore the InterWeb.

Having finished watching Heroes, I have started my next series. I realized that I’ve never seen past Season 5 of The West Wing (and anyone who insists on spoilering anything will be summarily executed), so I’ve started over from the beginning.

I was watching S2:E17 (17 People), and I noticed the distinctive book that Charlie is reading while waiting for the meeting between Toby, Leo, and Bartlett to end. I was curious as to what it is. I open a browser window and start searching for “what book is charlie rea” at which point the Google predictive search kicks in to give me “what book is charlie reading in 17 people”. From there, a single click to this page, wherein I find my answer:

  • Charlie is reading – The Cornel West Reader (ISBN#:0465091091)

Sometimes, I loves me some InterWeb.

Athena, give me strength.

I’m working on the Incredibly Intricate Projectâ„¢, and am ever so close to joining in the round. I am, in fact, on the last row before I get to join in the round. Unfortunately, this row is a ‘purl 257’ and my brain has a mental block against it. I’ve picked it up about 4 times, and I think I’ve actually purled about 60 stitches. At this rate, this row will be done by lunch.