Daily Archive: 2012.10.03

iOS 6 Tip: VIP mail notifications.

In case you haven’t run across this on your own yet.

You can identify VIP contacts in iOS 6. If you do so, when you receive mail from someone on the VIP contacts list, a notification will pop up and be added to your Notification Screen. (Assuming you have mail notifications turn on, of course.) Unfortunately, it does not look like they have yet split out the concept of VIP mail notifications vs standard mail notifications when it comes to things like audible / vibrate alerts. Baby steps.

Kind of neat, kind of handy.

Tab Closing (2012.10.03)

Wanting to close a spare browser window I have kicking around, so have some tabs that I’ve kept open for a while.  (more…)

Wanna play a game of ‘Operation!’?

YAMA at 8 this morning. Today’s visit was to try to figure out why the hell my knees have decided that they are my enemy, and must do everything in their power to cause me pain.

Turns out, I had fluid built up in my left knee (and possibly my right, though the focus today was on my left knee)(hence the ‘Operation!’ reference in the subject). This was determined by a bunch of manual prodding, followed by a ultrasound, followed by a bunch (ok, 4) needles poking around in my knee. (The first needle was a *caine to numb the area, the second needle was to try to get the fluid, the third needle was brought in when the second needle was too short to reach the fluid (oh, that was mighty pleasant, lemme tell ya), and the fourth needle was a shot of cortisone.) The doctor managed to pull about 5ccs of fluid out of my knee to send off to be analyzed. And just in case I thought I was done on the needle front for today, I also got to get a blood draw.

So yeah, lots of needles. On the plus side, the pain in my left knee has already significantly decreased, though using it in any sort of leverage operation (stairs, standing up from a sitting position, etc.) still pretty much sucks.

Also, this may help both in figuring out what the hell is going on (for the short term), and also maybe shed some light on the long-term general brokenness of the meri, which would certainly be a good thing.