Daily Archive: 2012.10.24

Returning to my roots.

I’ve spent some time over the last couple of days wrangling with Dreamweaver. I started to write up what Dreamweaver is, and what its alternatives are, and why those pieces of information are pertinent to the story. But then I realized that, if I have to explain these things, you’re not really going to get the story, which is ok. Not everybody has to get every story. Instead, the story shall stand on its own.


Calling all vim geeks.

If you don’t know what vim is, don’t worry about it, you probably don’t need to. Also, you’re pretty safe in skipping this post, or any other post with this subject.

Still here? Righto.

Assuming you use color syntax highlighting (and if you don’t, you can stop reading, too), what is your must-have vim color scheme? Do you have different favorites for :set bg=dark vs :set bg=light?

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