Too many projects!

I’m not quite sure how it happened. Sure, I usually have a couple of projects going at any given time, but right now, I’m completely awash in projects. They range in intricacy from “completely mind-numbingly boring” to “gods help the person who talks to me while I’m working on this.” It’s kind of nice to have a variety of things to work on, but a couple are on deadline, so there’s that added looming sensation.

What I’m working on:

  • A gigantic rectangle of stockinette for a LYS sample project (I swear, it’s almost done!)
  • Shamala’s socks, which needs Shamala’s foot in order to continue. I have yet to convince her to mail me a foot.
  • A pretty pretty shawl. No intended recipient yet.
  • A super secret scarf project.
  • A super secret toddler project.
  • Tech knitting a shawl for a local designer.

These are just the active projects. I have another dozen or so sitting in hibernation. And we’re not going to talk about the blocking (much of which also has deadlines). Oy.

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