Daily Archive: 2014.12.13

How did they know?

I was doing some research on Dropbox, and a warning came up that some of my files aren’t being synced because of bad characters in the file names. I clicked on the link to start the “Incompatible files and folders” tool. Once it got started, this status message popped up:


Think my secret identity is getting too well known?

Annual reminder: custom planners, designed just for you.

It was brought to my attention that I haven’t made my annual announcement that I have been designing custom planners (think DayRunner™ or DayTimer™ or Franklin Covey™, but based upon your designs) for more than 20 years. (That’s right. Since high school.) If you’ve been fighting to work within a system, instead of working a system, I might be able to help. Drop me a line, and I’ll work with you to design the planner of your dreams. (Or at least one that isn’t based in nightmares.)

I am starting to think this second sleeve is cursed.

After the “cuff too long” debacle, I ripped out the second sleeve and started over. I very carefully did not overshoot the length on the cuff this time, and switched to stockinette stitch, as required by the pattern.

This time, I was only 2″ past this point when I realized my mistake: I forgot to switch needle sizes (also as required by the pattern).

At least it’s tinking, and not frogging, I guess.