Daily Archive: 2014.12.18

Speaking of learning new skills, and a question for the people who sew.

In addition to pondering an adventure in intarsia, I think I’m going to take another sewing class. This time, I’ve got my eye on how to connect a zipper to fabric without 1) sewing the zipper shut, and 2) sewing myself to the fabric. (Lofty goals, but a girl can dream.)

For the people out there who aren’t sewing challenged: What are some good “My First Sewing Project” projects that I could tackle? I foresee making more tote bags, and probably some drawstring project bags (sewing for knitting, like that wasn’t predictable). Clothes are probably right out for quite some time. Pillow cases? That seems boring, but good skill-building for that whole ‘straight line’ thing, I guess.

Welp, time to learn a new knitting skill.

I’ve been afraid of intarsia for quite a while, and (despite a foray into colorwork with a fingerless mitt class) I haven’t forced myself to really face that fear. But, I think I may have found the catalyst for change: a Totoro baby outfit(more…)