Daily Archive: 2014.12.21

The days may be getting longer…

… but not until one flippin’ long night comes, first.

Voice Recognition.

In the ‘Lineage‘ episode of Angel, we are introduced to Roger Wyndam-Price, Wesley’s father. The character is played by Roy Dotrice, who narrated the A Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks. He has a very distinctive voice, and after scores of hours listening to him voice dozens of characters, I know it well, and apparently recognize it very quickly.

Saturday was not a success.

From a purely “getting things done” standpoint, I cannot really call Saturday a success. After a generally quiet and lazy morning around the house, G and I ventured out into the (rainy) world with three goals: get lunch, mail 2 packages at the post office, and go to Target for prescriptions and a few basic groceries.

(Y’all see where this is going, right?) (more…)