Daily Archive: 2014.12.29

What could possibly go wrong? (I am Groot edition.)

Further enabling my growing Funko Pop! addiction, G has added to my collection with a dancing baby Groot! (I am Groot!) Clearly, the only sensible thing to do was to give stewardship of the One Ring to Groot. Sauron (predictably enough) is not amused.  (more…)

Ask the Knitters: Which yarn should I get?

20141229-sanquhar_cowlI posted about the Sanquhar Cowl by Wendy D. Johnson a while back. Even though I’ve been obsessing about it ever since, it hasn’t hit my needles yet, for two reasons. First, I’ve been working on other projects. Second, I haven’t had the available funds for the yarn. Well, progress is definitely being made on the existing projects, so the first reason may not be a factor any more. And, some wonderful friends gave me a gift card to WEBS for Christmas, so I may be able to afford a bit of a yarn shopping spree.

I’ve narrowed down the yarn options to three potentials, and now I’m stuck.

This is where you come in. (more…)