Daily Archive: 2014.12.25

Work in Progress: Flore Hat

I’ve spent the day knitting and watching movies. Careful observers might note that this is not fundamentally different from any of my other days off, really. (Except, of course, for the lovely lovely presents sent by G’s family, all of which are going to be put to good and frequent use.)

Smaug is no longer certain that he wishes to play a role in the hat display process. Sauron, on the other hand, is pondering a tower cozy.

Today’s t-shirt.

The image on today’s t-shirt. (Very festive, I know.)

When I look at it, I see the Rabbit of Caerbannog munching on Yorick. But that may just be me. (Which reminds me: I have not found the stuffed Yorick yet. More incentive to continue unpacking.)

The happiest of days, to you and yours.

The fuzzy alarm clock must have been jonesing for his Christmas presents this morning, because he decided 4:45 was a good time to wake me up. Well, the joke’s on him: the cats go their presents last night. (Catnip toys. This may not have been the brightest idea we ever had.)

Though we’ll be all on our own for the first time in … well, a long time … fear not for G, the cats, and me. We braved the crowds yesterday, and did some grocery shopping, so we’ll have our own Christmas feast. We will have cats and movies and a fireplace. It will be lovely.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, Yule, or any other winter holiday, I hope today – and all days – are joyous and safe. From our weird little family to yours. 🙂