LazyWeb: Group calendaring / project management & collaboration solutions.

I’m looking for a solution (or set of solutions) for a small business. I need things in two realms: group project management (notes, files, timelines, tasks), group calendaring. 

Must be cross-platform, ideally with a web interface, but not web-only (Windows and Mac (and maybe Linux) desktop versions of clients with local replicas of data for offline use a huge plus). Mobile applications (iOS / Android) would be a huge win. I need to be able to get my data back out of the system in some usable fashion (which I think rules out Evernote Business).

I’m willing to look at breaking apart the calendaring solution from the project management & collaboration solution. I’m not completely opposed to hosted Exchange for calendaring, but there’s got to be a better answer, right? (If hosted Exchange is your suggestion, do you have a preferred provider?)

(And please don’t say Google Calendar. Just don’t.) (Ditto for Google Docs, and Google Drive.) (Not that the base functionality isn’t there, but none of the people who are going to be using this solution are fans of the integration, feature set, etc.)

I’ve sent a note to the Intellinote people asking if there’s any reasonable way to get my data back out of their system once it’s been entered. They haven’t answered yet, but it’s only been 20 minutes, in the middle of the night. I figure that’s ok.

Honestly, if I could get my data back out without exporting items note-by-note, I’d probably be pushing for Evernote Business, but alas. Or if Devon* had a groupware system (and was cross-platform). Has anyone tried Zoho Projects? Is it worth the price-point?

I greatly appreciate any suggestions that you all might have!


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