Parts is parts.

Amusing note from this morning’s trip to the doctor.

I was working on the second sleeve for the aforementioned sweater, and finished a skein of yarn. But, I had anticipated this happening (particularly since I’m using ridiculously short skeins), and brought another skein. It should be known, when trying to find the start of a center-pull skein of yarn, you sometimes end up pulling out half the skein, thus making a huge mess. (We used to call this ‘yarn barf’ at Cloverhill.) This, of course, happened.

I have about 50 yards of yarn mess in my lap, and my doctor comes in. I’d just found the end, and was working to wind it into a ball, but it was all tangled. So, my doctor helped me wind my yarn while talking to me.

When we were done, she mutters under her breath, “I don’t usually have to deal with balls with my female patients.”

I nearly choked.