I am armed!

20141214-sleevesBut apparently not dangerous, as I have no body. I speak of the sweater, of course.

I finished the second sleeve last night before I went up for dinner. (Smaug for scale.)

This morning, the following conversation happened on IRC:

<meri> Two! Two sleeves! Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!
<UsagiJer> 🙂
<UsagiJer> you’ve invented the anti-vest!
<meri> It’s twue!
<Slarti> Does that mean that if she ever lets them come into contact with a vest, there will be an explosion that gives off energy at the speed of jacket?
<meri> *giggle* I do so love my friends. 🙂
<Bugged> speed of jacket, or speed of poncho?
<Bugged> I forget which is metric and which is imperial

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