Saturday was not a success.

From a purely “getting things done” standpoint, I cannot really call Saturday a success. After a generally quiet and lazy morning around the house, G and I ventured out into the (rainy) world with three goals: get lunch, mail 2 packages at the post office, and go to Target for prescriptions and a few basic groceries.

(Y’all see where this is going, right?)

We did, in fact, manage to have a very tasty lunch at MOD Pizza. That part of our mission can go down in the books as a complete success. Next stop: post office.

In my defense, I haven’t really been feeling the whole Christmas spirit thing this year, and had forgotten that this was the last weekend before said holiday. And that people would be piling three deep to mail those last-minute packages. (Neither of my packages are Christmas related. Gifts, yes, but just… gifts. Completely unrelated to the 25th.) When we saw the lines, I made a command decision that this was not the scene for me, and that I would return Monday. (My hope is that, during the middle of the day on Monday, most of the crazies will be at work, and the lines will be shorter. Go ahead: mock my theory now. I know it is deeply flawed. But, a girl can hope.) (So, yeah, if you are expecting a package from me… I’m hoping it will go out on Monday.)

Once back in the car, we thought about the lines we had seen to get into the Target parking lot. Combined with our newly-acquired, “Holy crap, the whole world is out in force today,” knowledge, we decided to add to my Monday to-do list, and head for home.

The rest of the day seemed to be a defiant act to the madness outside: reading, napping, watching 80s music videos (we blame a reddit thread that I can’t find at the moment), knitting [1], and getting a start on the movie Oldboy (the Korean original). Finally, dinner, pain meds, and bed.

Fast forward 4 hours: pain meds have worn off. I take more. I go back to bed. An hour later, I’m still awake, with no sign of falling back asleep. And hour after that, I give up, and head downstairs, plop down on the couch, and begin whining at the internet. (Hi!)

[1] On the plus side, I have made a decent amount of progress on the Flore hat I’m working on. I’ve finished the first / bottom segment, and have started on the second segment. Just 12 more rounds until I have to figure out how to join them. Tara pointed me at a video that shows how it’s done. I’ll have to dig that up, as the directions in the pattern are a little vague.


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