Once more unto the breach.

As mentioned earlier, I utterly failed at mailing packages on Saturday. This is because going to the post office on the last weekend before Christmas is its own special kind of insanity, and G and I turned tail and ran for cover. So, after dropping G off at the bus this morning, I ventured to the friendly neighborhood post office, hoping that all the crazy people would be at work.

I was wrong. 

I got the last available parking spot, and joined the line of 20 or so people. There was one person working the counter for most of the time I was there. (A second person joined the first when I was fourth in line.) I was there long enough that I was able to fill out the little stickers for my packages, finish the last 10 rows of my fingerless mitt, and bind it off before it was my turn.

But, packages have been mailed, and recipients have been notified (where applicable).

What are you all doing with your Mondays?


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