Ask the Hivemind: Pinterest for text-only sites.

question mark forestI’ve decided that I want to start using Pinterest for bookmarkers (though I’m willing to be dissuaded). Mostly, I’m tired of having some of my bookmarks available to me in (Google-synced) Chrome browser and some available to me in (iCloud-synced) Safari. (And, of course, this only gets more annoying when I move to other computers / mobile devices.) I’d like to have one place that I can go to for all my bookmarking needs. (I admit that I’m no longer sure why I quit using delicious. Didn’t they have some big going away / taken over / aliens invading scare a while back? Is that no longer an issue?)

Back to Pinterest. A number of the sites I want to bookmark simply don’t have images on them. I know this is hard to believe, but it’s true. And this is where Pinterest fails. By design, the service is image-oriented. I get that. But there should be some (free) way of using Pinterest to bookmark text-only sites. I found shareasimage (formerly known as pinaquote), but I’m not at all convinced that I’m willing to pay $8/month for the service.

I know some of you are heavy Pinterest users. This has to be a solved issue, and I’m just not finding the right keywords or reading the right FAQ.  Help me out? Or tell me I’m doomed? (And then share your bookmark management solution with me!)